Even the biggest journeys started with a single step.


Personal Training



My passion for coaching started in 2014 as a Personal Trainer in a commercial gym in Belfast, Ireland but have been coaching here in the UAE since 2019. When training myself and others I like to have a healthy mix of seriousness and fun so you are getting the best of both worlds!

Contrary to a lot of coaches, my background is not an overly active or athletic one. It wasn’t until my final year at university that I decided to start using the gym to help undo the years of partying. At the beginning of my fitness journey, I was training purely for aesthetics and ‘leg day’ was usually skipped. This was until I found the sport of Powerlifting. I eventually dabbled in powerlifting competitively but after a few years made the switch over to Olympic Weightlifting, also competitively.

After joining the local CrossFit gym to work on weightlifting, I eventually fell into the class workouts to work on my fitness and has been doing that ever since! I also enjoy partaking in crossfit competitions every now and again because it’s always nice to see all the hard work which you put in pay off and also to see what we need to improve.  I look forward to sharing my experience, knowledge and passion with you all!

Favorite CTG training day?

Strong Lifts – Because who doesn’t like throwing barbells and dumbbells around?!

Favourite music?

90s kid meets 2000s

My go-to snack:

Healthy – Grenade Protein bar
Not as healthy – McFlurry