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Chalk training ground

CTG is the future of the everyday athlete. We are removing the boundaries of possibility and potential within the realm of sport and fitness.

Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to live a life of health and ultimate human performance. To nurture a community of camaraderie, kindness and fun where everyone is an athlete.


The main floor or “Training Ground” is the heartbeat of the gym where all group sessions take place. We create grand open floor spaces within our design to ensure an open view across two different group fitness sessions happening simultaneously making the gym feel open and inclusive to all no matter what workout you choose.

This visibility is designed to create a strong, interactive atmosphere and energy whilst showcasing different training disciplines and abilities. This design also allows the space to be utilised for larger events, throw-downs and competitions adding to the social and community focus.

The remaining open floor space is home to a plethora of stationary weight machines, cardio equipment and free/functional weights to complete the facility, its offerings and consumer appeal.


Chalk Training Ground is in essence a class based (group training) Fitness Ground. Aside from being a sweat house aimed at driving client’s fitness levels through the roof, they specialise in transformations and sports performance.  We offer an incredibly varied class schedule focusing on High Intensity Interval Training, Functional Circuits, Endurance Training and Weightlifting together with Strength and Conditioning. CTG has got you covered no matter what your goals or starting point. 

Classes keep your body guessing and ensure you are continuously re-setting your goals. All levels train together which is part of the magic, providing levels of support, encouragement and inspiration to one another for simply “getting stuck in”! Community and Inclusion are paramount at CTG where everyone is a team player and confidence levels are built whilst gaining new friendship circles from day one.

The founders


Co-founder/co-owner of “Chalk Training Ground”

Competed professionally within Muay Thai boxing, Bodybuilding (IFBB) and Endurance sports for over a decade before making a switch from the corporate world into the business of fitness and nutrition. As her experience within intense training had developed over the years, so did the realisation that it was not available within conventional gym environments. A gap also existed within the more intense environments for any markable technical progressions. This is how the idea and the CTG training style was initially born – By wanting to develop a brand/product that offers full athletic ability, skill and progress all tied together through community.

Trish is the creator and co-owner of three gyms and a healthy F&B company alongside a multitude of smaller projects (including fitness holidays, speaking & hosting at wellness/media events and for TV shows), representing these brands.

Trish is the co-founder/co-owner of “Chalk Training Ground” – The most developed business offering to the fitness world. CTG is a finely tuned and expertly created brand set to be the future of group fitness training. 


Co-founder/co-owner of “Chalk Training Ground”

Frankie started practicing strength and conditioning in Gaelic athlete teams and Rugby teams from the mid 90s- 2008. He has been recognized as a leader and anchor point in each of these organization’s. The qualities were instilled in him from an early age due to independent family business operations, were true work ethic culture is a factor.

Along with competing professionally In Muay Thai and Endurance sports, like Trish he developed a broad understanding for the development of fitness as a healthy lifestyle and narrowing the gap between professional training and community gym training.

Since 2016 Frankie is now a co – owner and founder of three gyms, The vault total conditioning, the vault performance fitness and Chalk training ground along with a healthy food company “The Fitness kitchen”.
With huge passion and determination to open many more locations worldwide.

Dust Settles, We Don’t.

Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to live a life of health and ultimate human performance. To nurture a community of camaraderie, kindness and fun where everyone is an athlete.