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Strong Lifts

Strength and Hypertrophy: This is a weights and barbell class aimed at perfecting some bigger lifts alongside accessory movements for a full body workout. The focus is on technique and progressive overload (weekly progression and adaptations). Open and adaptable to all levels.


Lighter (but faster) barbell, weights and functional movements class! Expect a full body burner and lots of sweat!


HIIT Class (Fast, aerobic movements for time with minimal rest period). This is targeted, high energy HIIT class.


This is the ultimate hybrid class combining the best of both worlds – sets of big lifts with bursts of intense cardio drills! (75 mins) –  In order to get the most out of this workout it is better to have attended a mix of our other sessions first in order to understand your ability to lift and perform safely within our class structures. For this reason it is not advised as a first timer class.


Supersets with a focus on power, explosiveness and moving with intent! Expect to use a mix of cardio machines and functional strength equipment to become – Fast, Strong Agile and Explosive!


A full body aerobic conditioning circuit session to test endurance! This session will see your speed, functionality, mental fortitude and cardio fitness burst through the roof! Expect functional, plyometric movements to test and improve aerobic capacity.

The Glute Station

Never Skip Leg Day – This session specifically targets the butt and legs and is designed to build, tone and shape our biggest asset. The glutes are the primary focus within this session with dynamic movements also engaging the hamstrings, core, obliques, lower back, hip flexors and thighs!

Not only are the glutes your body’s largest, most powerful muscle group, training them will help you improve your posture, minimize back pain, and generate impressive speed and power for improved athletic performance during all sessions!
Your butt, both sides of your thigh, and your hamstrings are going to thank you for this session (after they stop burning).


With sessions focusing on Strength, Power and Speed – Chalk S&C programs develop every area of the body to improve the way our ahtletes move with the intention of enhancing physical performance.

Body conditioning improves endurance, increases flexibility, and establishes a balanced, stable physique whilst building power, coordination and speed.


The class focuses on maximal aerobic capacity (VO2)! Anything can happen within this session which forces your body into new adaptations weekly with its ever changing layout. Aerobic exercise is considered by most experts to be the single most important component of fitness so we simply would not be “CTG” if we didn’t test this to the max.

This class tests even the most elite levels of endurance whilst being fully scalable to all levels. The preference in this session is always towards fast explosive and functional body weighted movements over any bigger lifts.

CHALK Crossfit

Chalk Crossfit incorporates elements from several different sports and types of exercise with training methods based on gymnastics, weight training, and cardio.

Expect to perfect some aerobic gymnastic skills and develop; power, strength and technique within olympic lifting (increase motor unit recruitment) during focused, progressive programming.

Then “send it” within some much loved; Metcon, RFT, Ladder and AMRAP type WOD’s.


High Intensity Interval Minutes – Every Minute on the Minute. This is a functional, full body cardio “EMOM” blast. Work hard and fast on the minute through various exercise targets to earn yourself some recovery seconds!


Partnered lifting session – Test your strength, speed, endurance and functionality as you manoeuvre through heavy lifting sets combined with explosive movements. You will develop as an athlete combining team camaraderie and sportsmanship with laser focus, in a competitive environment! Throw down and bank some sweat and rep equity before the weekend!


Whats happens when a weightlifter goes “Pcycle”?!
Come and find out! (Strength and Cardio)

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